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How To Restart Kodi on firestick

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Are you facing a lagging or freezing issue because you mistakenly uninstalled a Kodi add-on or an unofficial Kodi build? One of the simplest ways to correct this is to restart kodi application.

Most people think Kodi doesn’t have built-in support to restart the program when issues arise. Well, there are proven steps that can help you restart Kodi on different operating systems including firestick,  Windows, MacOS, Android TV, etc., it is essential to understand the basis of restarting Kodi because it will help in troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

No matter the operating system you are using, the process of restarting Kodi is very simple and can be a quick fix if your Kodi is not working correctly. This article will guide you on how to restart Kodi on firestick quickly and easily. Let’s do this!

Why do you need to restart Kodi?

Kodi does have its quirks most times, it can act up most times, the videos might not play or maybe the add-on stops working, and a whole lot of things. This occurrence can be frustrating. Here are a few reasons why you might need to restart your Kodi.

  1. Playback problems: if you’re experiencing playback problems or buffering, restarting Kodi might be the best option to solve this issue. This action will reset your device’s streaming component.
  2. Interface lag: When you experience a lagging interface or unresponsive interface restarting your Kodi might be the best way to get things running smoothly again.
  3. Add-on issues: if a newly installed add-on is not working properly or maybe you might be experiencing problems with the existing add-on, then a restart could fix the problem and clear the cache.
  4. System update: When you update Kodi or maybe your device, it’s a good idea to also restart your Kodi. This will help refresh the software and allow the update to take full effect.

How To Restart Kodi on firestick

There are various ways to restart your Kodi software and we’re looking at them individually.

How To Restart Kodi on firestick using Add-on

To be able to restart your Kodi app, the Ares wizard add-on must be installed.

To install Ares Wizard on your Kodi application, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Open kodi and tap on add-on in the left menu.
  • Go to settings and to unknown sources and tap “Turn on” in the Pop-Up.
  • Return to Kodi home and click on the Setting icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then select File Manager and click on “Add Source.”
  • Click unknown and enter in the URL box.
  • Tap the okay button to choose the dialogue box.
  • Next, go back to kodi home and click on add-ons tap on the package installer, and then on install from the zip file.
  • In the Pop-Up window click “Ares” as the add-on.
  • Select repository as repository.aresproject and
  • Then wait to get a successful notification.
  • Select a store from the repository on the next screen.
  • Select “program add-ons” and then “Ares wizard.”
  • In the Ares wizard screen, tap the install button for “Ares wizard” to be successfully installed.

Steps to restart Kodi

  • Open the “Ares wizard” add-on
  • Go to the “More” tab in the main menu.
  • Click erase all “Data/fresh start button.”
  • You will get a notification “This will erase all add-ons..etc., from Kodi “Tap “Yes ” to get to the next step.
  • To reset the Kodi software, select all the options as yes in the drop-down.
  • Tap proceed to erase and reset the entire Kodi software.
  • To restart the Kodi select all the options as shown on your screen and click on proceed.
  • Then click “OK” to close Kodi.

There are also other ways you can restart your Kodi.

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Soft restart

A soft restart also known as cache reset is done by simply rebooting the Kodi software and reloading your settings.

How to Soft Restart Kodi

  • Go to settings in your Kodi
  • Click on system
  • Click on restart

This will clear your cache and fix any issues.

Full Restart

A full restart is when Cody is completely reset to the default factory setting.

To do this follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings and click on system.
  • Then click on reset Kodi to reset to default.
  • Confirm that you want to reset and clear your library.
  • This will reset Kodi wiping your library and add-ons.

We suggest you back up your library using a backup addon before resetting your Kodi software.

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How to completely restart your Kodi software

  1. You need to fully exit out of Kodi by going to the power icon in the top left corner of the Kodi interface and selecting “Exit” or “Quit.”
  2. Press the back button on your remote or keyboard until you exit Kodi.
  3. Force close Kodi through your device app switcher or task manager.
  4. After that, you will restart the device Kodi is installed on, whether Android TV or Fire TV this will ensure Kodi releases all system memory.
  5. Once it restarts, clear your Kodi app cache before reopening it. To do this;
  6. Open Fire TV or any device Kodi was installed
  7. Go to settings then to application and then select Kodi.
  8. Click on clear cache and locate the Kodi app data folder on your PC.
  9. Delete the files “cache.db” and “cache.db-shm” and “cache.db-wal”.
  10. After this, reopen your Kodi, this will reset any errors and rebuild the cache.

Conclusion on How To Restart Kodi on firestick

Here it is! A complete guide on how to restart Kodi. When you experience lagging, buffering or your favorite add-on is not working. Don’t panic just to restart your Kodi using any of the above mentioned methods.

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