123 Movies Download (Guranteed Method)

You cannot talk about sites that allow the public to stream movies for free without mentioning 123 Movies.

Although the main 123 Movies website was shut down, there are many proxy 123 Movie websites out there that still allow you to stream any popular movie online for free.

But if you are on this page, I believe you want to know how to download movies from the site.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to download movies on 123 Movies that work every time.

So if you are looking for a guide on 123 Movie download, this post is for you.  

Let’s get started.

123 Movies Overview

123 Movie website homepage
Homepage of A 123 Movie Site

123 Movies was an online website that primarily allowed people to stream movies from any cinema in the world for free.

Think of it like Netflix, but an illegal one. 

The site was first launched in 2015 from Vietnam under the URL 123Movies.to, and by 2018 it was dubbed as the ” World’s most popular pirated movie site” with a whopping 98 million monthly users. 

Unfortunately, after facing multiple legal charges from the Vietnam government with pressure from other world government organizations, 123 Movies was shut down on March 19th, 2018.

But like every free movie site that has been taken down in history, many more 123 Movie proxy websites have popped up. 

It’s from these new proxy 123 Movie sites that you can now stream all kinds of movies – old and new, trending and outdated – for free. 

With 123 Movies, you don’t need to pay for Netflix, HBO, or Prime Video subscriptions. 

Thousands of Western and Non-Western movies including TV series in these paid streaming sites’ collections are available for free streaming on 123Movie sites.

123 Movies Official URL

As I said earlier, the original 123 Movie site operated from Vietnam has been shut down but there are still tons of proxy 123 Movie sites out there for you.

A proxy website is a clone of the original site.

Since authorities target many proxy 123 Movie sites, it’s common for one to be active today and down tomorrow.

After doing some research, here are some 123 Movie sites I discovered that are still active at the time of writing:

If these sites are no longer active, simply search for “123 Movies” on Google and select any of the top sites that show up.

123 Movies Download

Downloading movies from 123 Movie sites is supposed to be as simple as searching for the movie you want and downloading them.

But I’ve tested tons of 123 Movies, and unfortunately, it seems like it’s no longer possible to download movies directly from these sites. 

Almost all 123 Movie sites are strictly for streaming movies online, not downloading them.

But I’ve found a guaranteed way to do it.

Before I show you the easy way, here are some ways that have been suggested by other sites that do not work;

I Tried CleverGet

Clever is an all-in-one video downloader that extracts video content from any website.

Just enter the URL of the video from the source website, and it’s going to extract it and provide a downloadable file. 

It used to work for 123 Movie sites, but it no longer works.

I Tried TubeOffline

TubeOffline used to be a strictly 123-movie downloader.

But after the original 123 Movie site was shut down, the website turned into a YouTube video downloader.

So it doesn’t work for 123 Movie sites anymore.

I Tried Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper is a Chrome extension that you can use to extract video files from a website and download them for free.

But this too no longer works for 123 Movies.

Note: The reason why you can no longer download movies from 123 Movie sites is that they now use private servers. This means that video files are no longer stored on the web page making it difficult to extract and download.

How Do I Download Movies From 123 Movies (Guaranteed)

To download HD movies from 123 Movies, you have to look for that movie on a site that is dedicated to movie downloads rather than just streaming.

So far best sites I’ve found for downloading 123 Movies include:

These sites have all the movies in any 123 Movies site collection available for free download.

FzMovies, for instance, has thousands of HD Hollywood and Bollywood movies in different categories such as;

  • Documentary
  • News
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Adventure
  • TV Series

And more. Click through each site to see how to download movies from 123 Movies from them.

Do You Need A VPN For 123 Movies?

Whether you’re trying to stream or download movies from 123 Movie sites, using a VPN is recommended but not so necessary.

Free movie download and streaming sites are usually not safe and are notorious for attacking their visitors with malware or stealing classified data from their devices.

To protect yourself from these kinds of sites, we highly recommend you make use of a VPN, always.

What Are Some 123 Movie Alternatives?

For some reason, the current 123 Movie site you’re using might not be working or might have been shut down as usual.

If that happens, here are some guaranteed 123 Movie alternatives you should check out:

  • Cinevez Movies
  • Downloadhub
  • FzMovies
  • Staga TV
  • 123Watch
  • CMovies


The original 123 Movie website no longer exists.

But you can find many proxy sites out there that allow you to stream any movie for free and claim to have a downloadable version of the videos.

Yes, you can stream movies on these 123 Movies sites for free. But you can no longer download movies from them.

However, if you’ve read this article so far, you now know the guaranteed method for downloading 123 Movies.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and enjoy your newly found movie cinema.

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