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Downloadhub – Download Free 300MB Dual Audio Hollywood & Bollywood Movies

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There are many ways to watch blockbuster movies today. You either go to the movie theatre, subscribe to well-known movie streaming services, or download it for free online. This article will talk about how to download movies on downloadhub. We’ll introduce you to Downloadhub – a site where you can download just about any Hollywood or Bollywood movie without having to pay a dime.

This goes from season movies and one-shot films to documentaries and sports shows. So if you’re a movie lover who doesn’t want to shed a dollar for any Supernova production, this article will teach you how to download it for free with Downloadhub.


What Is DownloadHub?

Downloadhub is an infamous website that specializes in the piracy of famous movies and makes them available for free download to the public.

The site has over 50,000 movie collections with tons of HD Dual Audio movies in languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and more.

These movies include Hollywood specials like Avatar: The Way of The Water and Squid Game to Bollywood hits like RRR and Runway 24. All for free!

What’s more? At Downloadhub, you can choose the movie quality or resolution you want to download, which is an awesome feature for users that don’t have strong internet connections to download high-resolution movies.

With Downloadhub you don’t need Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch your favorite action movie, TV Show, or family drama series.

DownloadHub Movies Categories and Genres

As of 2023, Downloadhub has over 50,000 movies in various categories and genres. All you have to do is select the one you want, and bam it’s yours for seeing!

Here’s a breakdown of the top categories and genres you can download for free on Downloadhub;

DownloadHub Top Movie Categories

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Movies
  • Adult Movies
  • Cartoons
  • Web Series
  • TV shows

And more!

DownloadHub Movie Genre

  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Action and War
  • Thriller
  • Documentary
  • Sport
  • Horror
  • Family

How To Download Free Movies Online From Downloadhub 2023 (Step By Step)

Warning ⚠️: Downloadhub is free because of Ads, so expect to be badged by tons of annoying advertisements.

Recommended ✅: If you want to reduce the number of ads you’ll see on Dowloadhub, use an Ads blocking browser like Brave Browser.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

Step 1: Visit Downloadhub Official Website


To download free movies online from Downloadhub, the first step is to get their official link.

The latest and official link for Downloadhub in 2023 is “”. If you follow the old Downloadhub link like “”, you’ll still land on their main site.

Step 2: Select The Movie You Want To Download

On the Downloadhub homepage, there are lots of movie collections you can choose from.

If the movie you’re looking for is not there, click on the search button in the top right corner to search for the movie you want.


For the sake of this tutorial, let’s go with ” Killer Shark 2021″.

Step 3: Choose The Movie Quality You Want

Once you’ve selected the movie you want to download for free, Downloadhub will redirect you to another page where you can choose the quality of the movie you want.


It’s usually 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The higher the resolution quality, the more data you’ll need. In this case, we’ll go for the 720p version.

Now you’ll see various types of links to choose from: ” Watch Online”, “G Drive & Direct Link”, and “Single Download Link”. We recommend you choose the ” Single Download Link”.

Step 4: Generate The Movie Download Link

The next step is to verify that you’re a real human trying to download movies for free online.


For that, Downloadhub will redirect you to another website called Jav & Sid Blog. Simply click on the “Verify” link.

Step 5: Generate The Movie Download Link

Once you’ve verified yourself, another link called “Double Click To Generate Link” will appear. Simply click on it and you’ll be directed to the bottom of the page to a “Please Wait” link.


Once the 10 seconds countdown is over, click on the “Download Now” button that is displayed.

Downloadhub Download Now Redirect Link

Step 6: Get The Unlock Link

This is almost the last step. After clicking on the “Download Now” button, you’ll be directed to, where you’ll see various links that will lead you to the final download page.

Downloadhub Free Movie Download Unlock Links

Just choose any of the links to continue. For this tutorial, we’ll pick the first link for

Step 7 (Last Step): Download Your Movie For Free

This is the last step. Once you’ve landed on the site from any of the unlocked links – in our case – just click on the download link you see.

Downloadhub Free Movie Download Button

Viola, your movie will start downloading right away!

Downloadhub Free Movie Download Evidence

You can repeat this for different movies, and keep watching paid movies for free – forever.

Downloadhub Frequently Asked Questions

Is Downloadhub Safe To Use?

Downloadhub can be an unsafe site to download movies from because it is illegal, and some links uploaded may use the opportunity to put malware inside your device.

Also, both the uploader and downloader are considered lawbreakers, and liable to legal consequences of piracy.

We’ll advise you not to share any of your personal information with any download site, especially your location and credit card details. And when possible, use a VPN to protect the IP address.

Better still, you can subscribe to a streaming service or buy Cinema tickets to watch the movies.

What Is The Best Alternative To Downloadhub?

The current best alternative to Downloadhub is FZMovies. At FZMovies, you can download various Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

Other top alternatives for Dowloadhub include Staga TV, Popcorn Netflix, BMovies, 123 Watch, 9x Rockers, and more.

Why Is Downloadhub Not Working?

The main reason why the Downloadhub website may not work is because they’ve moved to a different link. They change their links every time, and it’s up to you to look for the latest Downloadhub link.

Conclusion on Downloadhub

Whether it’s action, romance, family drama, documentaries, or sports, we all have soft spots for movies.

But you may not have hard cash to pay for the movie you want to see. That is why we introduced you to Download hub where – and how – you can download movies for free online.

Note that movie piracy is illegal, and we recommend paying for the movies you watch. However, if you can pay for it, follow this guide, and you’ll get all your favorite movies for free.

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