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Hiring Farmers in Japan

Hiring Farmers in Japan

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Looking for a fresh start in your career? An exciting opportunity awaits you at Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated in Japan – they are currently seeking individuals to join their team as Farmers.

Being a farmer is more than just a job; it’s a fulfilling and rewarding journey. Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated has a strong reputation for offering exceptional support and benefits to its employees, making it an ideal choice for those looking to embark on a career in farming.

So, why wait? Take a moment to explore the job listing and see if it aligns with your aspirations. And don’t forget to share your insights with others; your feedback can guide fellow job seekers and help Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated enhance its recruitment process.

Your decision to apply will not only shape your future but also contribute to the sustainable and innovative farming practices championed by Sanko’s primary employer, Kyushu Factory Cooperative.

Job Summary

To begin your journey as a Farmer with us, you should be between the ages of 20 and 35, possess a high school diploma, and have at least one year of relevant work experience. Maintaining a neat appearance without tattoos is also essential.

The application process includes submitting a comprehensive resume, academic transcripts, a valid passport with a minimum of three years’ validity, a PSA Birth Certificate, and 12 passport-sized photos featuring clear depictions of ears and eyebrows against a white background. Additionally, applicants are required to provide employment and PEOS certificates, as well as complete the E-Registration Services, which can be accessed through the provided link.

By seizing this opportunity, you’ll be taking the first step toward a rewarding career with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. You can look forward to a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes an average monthly salary of 169,000 JYP (equivalent to Php 66,591 as of August 7, 2023).

The application deadline hasn’t been specified, so we recommend acting promptly. Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated and Kyushu Factory Cooperative share a commitment to sustainable and innovative farming practices, making this journey even more fulfilling.

About Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.

Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated is a renowned land-based recruitment agency that specializes in placing Filipino professionals and skilled workers in overseas employment. The company is fully licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Serving as a conduit for individuals and firms seeking manpower supply, Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated has consistently provided exceptional service across various industries in Asia, the Middle East, and North America. The company’s major client is Japan, and it has successfully placed professionals at all levels in various technical and administrative fields.

Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated is known for its ability to tailor staffing solutions that enhance business agility, productivity, and competitiveness, delivering extraordinary results.

Job Description of Farmers

As a Farmer with us, your role will be pivotal in producing high-quality organic crops that nourish local communities and enrich the nation’s culinary diversity. Your responsibilities will include:

Crop Cultivation: Plant, nurture, and harvest a variety of crops using both traditional and innovative farming methods to ensure optimal growth and quality.

Soil Management: Maintain soil health through responsible practices like crop rotation, composting, and organic fertilization, contributing to land sustainability.

Pest and Disease Management: Employ integrated pest management techniques to protect crops from pests and diseases while minimizing the use of chemicals and promoting ecological balance.

Irrigation and Water Management: Efficiently manage water resources, utilizing irrigation systems that minimize water waste and ensure proper hydration for crops.

Collaboration: Work closely with fellow farmers and agricultural experts to exchange knowledge, share insights, and collectively advance sustainable farming practices.

Innovation: Embrace and experiment with innovative agricultural technologies, contributing to the evolution of farming practices while respecting traditional wisdom.

Job Qualifications

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. is looking for male and female farmer applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Age: 20-35 years old
  • Education: High School Graduate
  • Experience: Minimum of 1 year of work experience
  • No tattoos

Job Requirements

To apply for the Farmer role, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

  • A detailed resume with a job description
  • Transcript of records
  • Passport valid for more than 3 years
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 12 passport-sized photos (with a white background, clearly showing ears and eyebrows)
  • Employment certificate
  • PEOS certificate (accessible at https://peos.dmw.gov.ph/)
  • Complete the E-Registration Services (accessible at https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph//OnlineServices/POEAOnline.aspx)

So, why wait? Take the initiative and apply now to embark on an exciting journey as a Farmer with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.!

Competitive Salary & Benefit Package

As a farmer, you’ll enjoy an average monthly salary of 169,000 JYP (equivalent to Php 66,591 as of August 7, 2023). Please note that the salary conversion is based on the exchange rate at that specific date and time.

Deadline of Application

The agency has not provided specific information regarding the deadline.

About the Principal Employer

Kyushu Factory Cooperative

Conclusion on Hiring Farmers in Japan

Are you ready to embrace a dynamic role that bridges tradition and innovation? As a Farmer, your path leads to the heart of sustenance and environmental harmony.

From nurturing crops to collaborating with peers, your work resonates through communities, inspiring culinary diversity and reinforcing ecological balance.

In addition to an enticing monthly salary and competitive benefits package, you’ll reap the intrinsic rewards of working in harmony with nature.

This opportunity isn’t just a job; it’s a journey that empowers you to nourish not only bodies but also the collective spirit. Don’t hesitate—seize the chance to cultivate a meaningful impact as a Farmer with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. Your time is now.

How to Apply  for Hiring Farmers in Japan

Hiring Farmers in Japan | Apply Now!!!

To apply for the Farmer role at Sanko Employment Solutions Inc., you can:

  • Click on the link: https://sankomanpower.com/farmer/ and upload your updated CV or resume.
  • Contact the recruitment agency at the following phone numbers: +63 2 8805 9855 or +63 2 8805 9904.
  • Submit your application via email for further instructions (apply@sankomanpower.com).
  • Visit the agency’s office located at Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines.

They welcome talented individuals to join their team, so if you know anyone who might be interested, don’t hesitate to share this opportunity with them. For additional information or clarification, feel free to use the provided contact details.

Important Notice

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. operates through manpower pooling and assures that no fees will be collected from job applicants. We strongly advise caution when dealing with illegal recruiters and human traffickers who may try to exploit job seekers.

Contact Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.

Address: Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines

Call us: +63 2 8805 9855 or +63 2 8805 9904

Client Inquiry: info@sankomanpower.com

Applicant Inquiry: apply@sankomanpower.com

General Sources: Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. History Salary PEOS Certificate E-Registration Services

DISCLAIMER: This website provides job information only and is not responsible for recruitment or application processes. No fees are required for accessing job details or applying through this platform. Use caution and diligence when dealing with potential employers.

Job Opportunity: Farm Worker Manager

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