Hiring Farmer In Japan With A Monthly Salary Of Php 66,591 | 21 Available Vacancies

Hiring Farmer In Japan

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Are you seeking a fresh career opportunity? Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated has an exciting opening for a Farmer position in Japan!

Becoming a farmer can offer you a deeply fulfilling and rewarding experience, and at Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated, we are dedicated to providing our employees with outstanding support and benefits. So, why wait any longer? Take a look at our job listing and determine if you are a suitable candidate. Afterward, we invite you to share your thoughts on this opportunity with others.

Your valuable feedback will not only assist other job seekers in making informed career decisions but will also aid Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated in enhancing its recruitment process. Don’t hesitate any further; commence your journey towards an exciting new career today!


Job Summary of Hiring Farmer In Japan

To embark on this remarkable journey as a Farmer with us, you should be aged between 20 and 35 years, possess a high school diploma, and have at least one year of relevant work experience.

Candidates aspiring for this role should have a neat appearance without tattoos. The application process involves submitting a comprehensive resume, academic transcripts, a valid passport with a minimum 3-year validity, a PSA Birth Certificate, 12 passport-sized photos against a white background that clearly depict your ears and eyebrows, employment and PEOS certificates, and completing the E-Registration Services through the provided link.

Seizing this opportunity will be your initial step toward an exciting career with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including an average monthly salary of 169,000 JYP (equivalent to Php 66,591 as of August 7, 2023).

The application deadline has not been specified, so we encourage you to act promptly. Our primary employer, Kyushu Factory Cooperative, shares our commitment to sustainable and innovative farming practices, making this journey all the more rewarding.

About Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.

Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated specializes in the placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment. We are licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Our primary mission is to engage in the business of contracting, enlisting, and recruiting Professional, Skilled, and Semi-Skilled Workers for overseas employment. We also act as agents for individuals or firms for Manpower Supply. Over the years, we have provided exceptional service to numerous clients in various industries across Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Japan is one of our major clients, and we have successfully placed candidates at all levels and in all departments of the Technical & Administrative field. We leverage our insights to create a continuum of staffing solutions designed to enhance business agility, productivity, and competitiveness, yielding extraordinary results.


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Job Description of Farmer

As a Farmer with us, you’ll play a crucial role in producing high-quality, organic crops that nourish local communities and contribute to the nation’s culinary diversity. You’ll work in harmony with the seasons, cultivating the land to yield healthy, nutritious produce while upholding traditional farming values and responsibilities such as:

  • Crop Cultivation: Planting, nurturing, and harvesting a variety of crops, using both traditional and innovative farming methods to ensure optimal growth and quality.
  • Soil Management: Maintaining soil health through responsible practices like crop rotation, composting, and organic fertilization, contributing to the land’s sustainability.
  • Pest and Disease Management: Implementing integrated pest management techniques to protect crops from pests and diseases, minimizing chemical use and promoting ecological balance.
  • Irrigation and Water Management: Efficiently managing water resources, utilizing irrigation systems that minimize water waste and ensure crops receive the right amount of hydration.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with fellow farmers and agricultural experts to exchange knowledge, share insights, and collectively advance sustainable farming practices.
  • Innovation: Embracing and experimenting with innovative agricultural technologies, contributing to the evolution of farming practices while respecting traditional wisdom.

Job Qualifications

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. is seeking male and female farmer applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Age: 20-35 years old
  • Education: High School Graduate
  • Experience: Minimum of 1 year of work experience
  • No tattoos

Job Requirements of Hiring Farmer In Japan

To apply for the Farmer role, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A detailed resume with a job description
  • Transcript of records
  • Passport valid for more than 3 years
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 12 passport-sized photos (with a white background, clearly showing ears and eyebrows)
  • Employment certificate
  • PEOS certificate (https://peos.dmw.gov.ph/)
  • E-Registration Services (https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph//OnlineServices/POEAOnline.aspx)

So, why wait any longer? Apply now and take the first step toward an exciting career as a Farmer with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.!

Competitive Salary & Benefit Package

As a farmer, you’ll receive an average monthly salary of 169,000 JYP (equivalent to Php 66,591)

(Please note that the salary is converted to PHP based on the August 7, 2023, exchange rate.)

Deadline of Application

The agency has not provided specific information regarding the deadline.

About the Principal Employer

Kyushu Factory Cooperative

How to Apply

Hiring Farmer In Japan With A Monthly Salary Of Php 66,591 | 21 Available Vacancies

To apply for the Farmer role at Sanko Employment Solutions Inc., you can:

  • Click on the link: https://sankomanpower.com/farmer/ and upload your updated CV or resume.
  • Contact the recruitment agency at the following phone numbers: +632 805 9855 or +632 805 9904
  • Submit your application via email for further instructions. ( apply@sankomanpower.com )
  • Walk into the agency’s office located at Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines


Important Notice

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. operates through manpower pooling and ensures that no fees are collected from job applicants. It is essential to be cautious of illegal recruiters and human traffickers who may take advantage of job seekers.


Contact Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.

Address: Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines

Call us: +63 2 8805 9855 or +63 2 8805 9904

Client Inquiry info@sankomanpower.com

Applicant Inquiry apply@sankomanpower.com

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