How to Use Gosurf Free Wifi – 2023 Updated Version

Ways on How to use Gosurf Free wifi for work and studies.

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As many will say, data is life, and I’m sure you would disagree less. However, with the rate of amount needed to maintain consistent connectivity, it’s awesome to receive a little help, and that’s where GoSurf Free wifi comes in.

If you have heard about GoSurf, you would have also heard about its free wifi offer. However, if you have yet to, this content will provide all you need to know on how to use GoSurf free wifi.

Let’s dive in right now.

How to use Gosurf Free wifi

What is GoSurf Free wifi?

We can only know how to use GoSurf free wifi if we first understand what GoSurf is all about.

GoSURF Free wifi is a fast and secure public service exclusively available to Globe Telecom GoSURF and TM EasySURF subscribers.

GoSurf Operates in more than 3,500 sites and locations throughout the Philippines and it provides customers with free web access and seamless internet connectivity via compatible devices like smartphones and laptops.

This widespread service is available at major establishments and outlets nationwide, including coffee shops, schools, hospitals, local government units, malls, restaurants, transport terminals, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

How to use Gosurf Free wifi

On ways to use Gosurf Free wifi, follow these simple steps if you have an active GoSURF data plan:

  • Purchase a GoSURF Offer: Make sure you have an active GoSURF data plan of GoSURF 50 or above.
  • Find a GoWiFi Hotspot: Locate a nearby GoWiFi hotspot. You can check the Globe Telecom website for hotspot locations or look for GoWiFi signage in establishments around you.
  • Access wifi Settings: On your smartphone, go to “Settings” and tap on “Network & Internet.”
  • Open wifi Settings: Within the network settings, open “Wifi Settings.”
  • Check for Available wifi Connections: Your device will display available wifi connections.
  • Look for GoSURF Free wifi: Look for one of the following public hotspots:




@establishment_FreeGoWiFi (where “establishment” is the name of the mall, restaurant, or coffee shop)

  • Connect to @GoSurf_FreeWiFi: Tap on “@GoSurf_FreeWiFi” to connect to the GoSURF Free wifi hotspot.
  • Provide Mobile Number: A portal will pop up, requesting your mobile number for verification.
  • Receive Validation Code: Enter your mobile number and wait for a validation code to be sent to you via SMS.
  • Enter Validation Code: Once you receive the validation code, enter it when prompted and press the “GO” button to connect and start using your 1GB GoSURF Free wifi allocation.

After completing these steps, you are successfully connected to GoSURF Free wifi. You can now enjoy browsing social media, uploading photos, checking and sending emails, streaming videos, and downloading files using your allocated 1GB of free wifi data.

Steps on How to use Gosurf Free wifi

Benefits of GoSURF Free wifi

Free Access: GoSURF mobile internet plans offer free wifi access without any additional charges. Once registered, you can enjoy up to 1GB of free wifi whenever you run out of data. To be eligible for this service, simply purchase GoSURF’s P50 plan or above.

Wide Coverage: GoSURF free wifi is available in over 3,500 sites and locations, including popular establishments like bus stops, shopping malls, coffee shops, schools, and hospitals. Spotting wifi hotspots is easy with the GoSURF or GoWiFi signage.

Secure wifi Connection: Unlike typical public wifi services, GoSURF free wifi prioritizes security and reliability. Only users with a valid GoSURF pack can access the network, and a verification code via SMS ensures additional security.

High-Speed Internet: Despite being a free public service, GoSURF free wifi provides remarkably fast connection speeds, reaching up to 100 Mbps. This high-speed internet is ideal for activities like online gaming, video streaming, and file downloads.

No Advertisements: GoSURF free wifi is free from intrusive ads that can disrupt your browsing experience. You can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free wifi experience without unexpected pop-ups.

Easy Setup: Connecting to GoSURF free wifi is a quick and straightforward process. Simply locate the nearest GoSURF wifi hotspot, search for @GoSurf_FreeWiFi, and tap to connect, enabling you to access the internet within seconds.

Supports Multiple Devices: While GoSURF free wifi is primarily designed for smartphones, you can also connect using your laptop or MiFi dongle. For laptops, you can tether the internet connection from your phone via a USB cable or Bluetooth. In case the sub is for MiFi dongles, you will have to insert your Global SIM card and then purchase a GoSURF pack.

Usage Alerts: To help you monitor your data usage effectively, GoSURF free wifi provides usage alerts. You receive a text message notification when you consume 80% of your free wifi allocation. There’s also a code to check out your data which is BAL to 8080.


Cons of GoSURF Free wifi

Limited Data: One drawback of GoSURF free wifi is its limited data allocation. With a cap of 1GB, users may find themselves running out of data quickly, especially if engaging in data-intensive activities. To continue enjoying free wifi access, additional GoSURF packs need to be purchased.

Short Validity: The validity period of GoSURF free wifi depends on the validity of the associated GoSURF package. For instance, the lowest-priced GoSURF package may have a validity period of just 3 days, while the highest-priced plan may last for 30 days. This short duration can be limiting for users with longer-term connectivity needs.

Geographical Restrictions: While GoSURF free wifi boasts an extensive coverage of over 3,500 sites within the Philippines, it is exclusively available only within the country. Customers of Globe Telecom traveling abroad cannot use the service, even with roaming options, as GoWiFi hotspots are not accessible outside the Philippines.

Variable Speed: Although GoSURF free wifi generally offers reasonable connection speeds, the actual speeds experienced by users can vary based on several factors. These factors include the user’s location, the number of devices connected to the wifi hotspot, wireless interference, and the strength of the wifi signal. In certain areas or under certain conditions, users may experience slower speeds than expected.



I’m sure by now, you know all about How to use Gosurf Free wifi. This is an avenue to connect endlessly with your clients, and loved ones without stressing your pocket or thinking when you exhaust your subscription.

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