The 3 Best Gardenscapes Cheats and Tricks On Android

Best Gardenscapes Cheats

Best Gardenscapes Cheats and Tricks

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In this blog post, I will discuss with you the best gardenscapes cheats.

Gardenscapes is one popular game that has come to stay. Available for Android users, you may want to give this a try. And if so, below are some of the best cheats and tricks for Gardenscapes.


There are way too many cheats and tricks today in gardenscapes. Now you know this, you can easily advance with this game. You need to know that there are many difficult levels – Gardenscapes Cheats and tricks will ensure you have an upper hand.

You must finish all of the levels in the game. It does concern puzzle-like levels, some of which are more difficult than others. As you advance through the levels, you will gain points that you will use to gradually build your garden. The early levels in Gardenscapes are meant to teach you the game’s mechanics; you’ll need to know them for the more difficult levels when you’ll encounter more difficult obstacles.

In the game, you must also acquire a variety of items. As an example, you would normally see in the puzzles, items like water drips, pears, petals, red apples, and others. Collecting them will be our task because doing so will allow us to develop the garden that the game has intended for us and advance in the best way possible.

Here are a few gardenscapes cheats


Power-ups are suggested by Gardenscapes as one of the easiest strategies to move forward in the game. When we find ourselves a little bit stuck in a game, we are typically advised to employ this. It is crucial that we use these enhancers in a wise manner, even though the advice or recommendation makes sense. They shouldn’t be wasted because there are instances when we must actually use them.

Gardenscapes become more challenging as we advance through the stages, therefore at such points, we must turn to trickery. There will always be more fatalities as the difficulty rises. When this happens, using enhancers is advised. The times when we are truly stuck and unable to move forward are when you must employ them.

The rationale behind employing them in scenarios like these, where they really are our only resort, is that it will enable us to be more frugal and avoid wasting an enhancer when we most need it.

In addition to enhancing the impact of what we do. In other words, if we employ a bomb, the enhancer will increase its effectiveness, allowing us to accomplish our aim or produce the intended effect at that moment.

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Infinite lives

You will find infinite lives in all Gardenscapes cheat guides. There is a cheat in the game that enables us to get infinite lives, which is unquestionably exciting for any player because it will provide you with much more freedom and allow you to go through challenging levels multiple times without running into any issues. So, how can we play this game with unlimited lives?

When you have entered the game you can then return to your normal schedule on the phone – just to avoid the possibility of in-game schedules being disrupted. It is not something that happens too much, but it is better to prevent this from happening.

You must exit the game after using all of your lives and then turn off WiFi and mobile data on your phone. You then will need to adjust the time zone by going to the phone’s settings and then the Time section (advance the time of the day, if you want). Then you should return to the game. When you reopen Gardenscapes on your Android phone, you’ll notice that all of your lives have been restored.

Find every gnome

One of Gardenscapes’ most important tips, yet one that lots of users overlook is that you must catch a number of the gnomes that you find throughout the game. It is crucial that you locate all of those gnomes since doing so will benefit you. 

Furthermore, since they typically hide under the grass, it is simple to know where they are. You must eliminate the grass in order to find any of the gnomes –  and that is when you will see one of them in the game.

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When you have a gnome, you will need to match different components around in order to obtain it. There are some combinations that function particularly well, such as using explosives and dynamite to create an explosion that will make it much simpler to locate a gnome in your account in the game. 

It is best to create combinations with four or more squares because doing so will make it much simpler for us to view those gnomes constantly. The dirt that is above the gnomes must also be removed in order to locate them; otherwise, this will be impossible.

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