Top 10 Best software cracked sites 2024

Are you looking for the best free software cracked sites to use? Then you are in the right place. There are numerous software programs on the internet, but most are not free. Sounds daunting right? Well, you don’t have to give up yet because, in this article, we are going to be listing out the Best software cracked sites to use. It doesn’t matter if you are trying out the platform before purchasing, are curious, or are trying to save money. 

The truth is, there is a good deal of cracked software out there waiting to be discovered. We will embark on a journey into the world of software-cracked sites, focusing on the pros, cons, legal implications, and safety measures.

What exactly is cracked software?

In simple terms, cracked software is software that has its protection, requirements, and even deactivated trials, which can be seen as pirated copies of most premium software. You know that cracked software is illegally obtained through various means. However, it’s essential to know that not all cracked software is safe and legal to use. Knowing these will help you be aware of and avoid some pitfalls associated with the software. It should be noted that the majority of websites advertising free apps, games, videos, etc. are just trying to steal your personal data or sell you malware. 

Does this mean that there are no legally legitimate websites for free? Of course not, there are plenty of legitimate websites that have free downloads of popular programs that have been cracked by someone else. Let’s explore them

Top 10 best software cracked sites

Below are lists of Top 10 best software cracked sites.

1. Softpedia.comThis software has millions of free-to-try applications for any device. It is known to provide users with detailed information on software programs, including videos, tutorials, reviews, etc. Softpedia is just a great place to start because it has a library of free software to check out.

2. FileCR: This is another top site to download paid or premium software for free. You can get any program you want regardless of the application.

3Pirate bay: This site is one of the safest sites to use. They aren’t interested in stealing your data or sending you malware but in making names for themselves. They’d like you to come back again for more of their cracked softwares.

4. Soft164: This is my favorite site for cracked software. Soft164 provides users with direct download links to all of the software they need, and the fun part is that they also provide free cracked software.

5. CNet downloadCNet offers users access to download thousands of malware-free sites for devices like Mac and Windows. One reason to go for this site is that it tests and bans software that might tamper with users’ information or try to modify their security settings. CNet is a must-try. They also have some materials like blogs and how-to articles to assist users in their journey.

6. ShareOnSale: One of the best on our list, ShareOnSale provides users with top programs for free daily. Users can access free programs on their Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. Isn’t it incredible? To access these sites, you might need to sign up with your email and a few other details. You don’t need to worry about the activation code because it’s made available to you instantly on the download page.

7. Fitgirl: This site has become quite popular for its incredibly cracked games. It’s perfect for those interested in gaming applications.

8. FileHippo: This site offers a free version of the latest software, freeware, and demo programs from a reputable download site. Are you worried about malware? FileHippo offers users safe downloadable access to free software in various categories. So, be rest assured that you’re getting access to free tested programs for malware, adware, and viruses.

9. Download.ioThis is a unique software downloading site. offers free paid software to its users. In addition, they host a series of giveaways on their platform, which users can access through the main menu icon on their dashboard. is fun to use, free to navigate, and doesn’t require any form of registration to access these software.

10. Crackzoom: Crackzoom offers a huge collection of free downloadable software, such as Smadv, AutoCAD, MS Office, Adobe CC, etc. It’s a cool platform for downloading various software categories, including HQ software with crack, keygen, and activation code. I strongly recommend you stay vigilant while using this program, as I can’t vouch for its security.

How to ensure safety while using software cracked sites

Cracked sites are illegal to use, unsafe, and inherently risky. Cybersecurity criminals use them most often to steal from users. They do this by implanting and concealing malware within these cracked sites, and then they trick users into downloading it. When they do, they collect their personal and financial data. However, using antivirus software might not be effective, as it can damage your antivirus program.

If you are interested in using software cracked sites, we recommend you install robust security software on your device. It is best to stay vigilant for any form of cybersecurity threat or attack.


Here is the list of top best software cracked sites. There are numerous free online platforms that you can download with the help of these software-cracked sites listed above. While these software-cracked sites might seem appealing to use, it is also important to consider the legal and security complication associated with it, away from downloading Craft app from unreliable surface as they might contain malicious software or any form of more way which can in turn impact on the security of your device and personal information on it 


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