8 Best Cyberflix Alternatives in For Free Movies & TV shows

Best Cyberflix Alternatives 2023

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The world is evolving and a lot of new things are been introduced. In this article, we would be looking at the best cyberflix Alternatives in 2023. 

What is Cyberflix?

Cyberflix is seen today as one of the best apps for firesticks. With this app, you can watch on-demand content. 

Before the emergence of this great app, there has been Terrarium TV which was serving as the best app when it comes to entertainment shortly after cyberflix was introduced, Terrarium was stopped and cyberflix kicked off. 

Over the years it has gained popularity around the world and has so many downloads from both the play store and the apple store. 

Statistics show that cyberflix has been that this app has recorded a whopping 2 million downloads. This app came as a savior for those that can’t keep up with Netflix and other major streaming platforms. 

It gives you only exclusive content, the unique thing about this app is the ability to give you any kind of movie and show you want to stream

As the world kept on changing, so are the development of in-app creation. Some other developers started building what they referred to as the cyberflix Alternatives. 

That brings us down to the major topic of today which is the best alternative to cyberflix. 

Best Cyberflix Alternatives 

1. Cinema HD 

The first on the list is cinema HD, it also goes by the name Cinema Apk, Cinema V2, and so on. 

This app was developed to be one of the best cyberflix Alternatives in the firesticks world. It gives you exclusive content for free. What it means is that all the videos you will be watching using this apk will be free on like other major streaming platforms that you have to pay before you can watch some movies or shows. 

With a very clean interface, this app works on-demand, meaning, If you search for any kind of show or movie it searches through the web and brings it out for you free. 

Another thing to note about this app is the fact that it is free from viruses, so your phone, tablet, or computer is safe. 


2. Film Plus 

For the past few months, a lot of people have gotten tired of cyberflix and cinema HD not giving them what they require, and that gave birth to the release of Film plus, a clone of Terrarium TV. 

This app seems a bit technical because for you to install it, you would need to jailbreak Amazon Firesticks. You will equally need the Downloader app to help you run the app which can all be gotten from the Amazon app store. 

Install FilmPlus APK V1.5.0 on Firestick


3. Movie Times 

Are you a movie lover and want to get updated with the latest movies around the world and even shows you wouldn’t want to miss, then this is the solution to your problem. 

Netflix, cyberflix, or Cinema  HD might not satisfy your taste but this will do justice to it. So if your an Amazon Firesticks user, allow this app to give you a baby girl treat for free. 

4. Viva TV 

Viva TV is a totally free app that helps give you the latest when it comes to movies and TV shows. This is ranking among the top 5 best cyberflix Alternatives that can be used in firesticks.

This app gives you free streaming services. So if you no longer feel satisfied by the services you get from cyberflix, you can simply switch to Viva TV and enjoy premium and Quality movies and TV shows for free. 


5. UnlockmyTV 

This app is highly praised by those that got hold of it on its first release. It is a joint clone of both Cinema HD and Terrarium TV. It is very much identical to Terrarium. 

Beautifully designed with an upgraded web scraper that helps dig the net and bring out the best movies and TV shows for viewers. 

6. BeeTV

This stands to be one of the most elegant streaming apps as long as firesticks are concerned. The reason for this app creation is to give entertainment lovers the best content they crave for like movies, TV talk shows and so many others. 

This app has been described by so many persons as the entertainment hub because of the kind of content it brings out for them on demand. 


7. Popcorn Time 

When you go to cinemas to watch movies that you are paying for, the first thing you need to do is to buy popcorn because it might be a boring watching movie without moving your mouth. 

Yes, that’s the dream here, creating a cinema where you can stay at home and enjoy all your favorite movies and talk shows for free without paying a dime. 

Just like every other app mentioned above, it is here with its free movies and TV shows for firesticks users. 


8. Nightowl 

Ever thought of not downloading movies direct to your internal storage? Yes, that’s the work of this app, download movies and it get saved on your drive so you won’t waste your small space. Exclusive free movies and TV shows are what it offers and you can share the link with your family. 

Conclusion on Best Cyberflix Alternatives 

The apps I have mentioned above are all best cyberflix Alternatives for your proper enjoyment in the entertainment world. Drop a comment if you have any queries.

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