SSD For Gaming PC: Is it the Best?

SSD For Gaming PC Overview


Understanding the term SSD for gaming pc requires one to have a clear understanding of the individual terms used in the phrase. A gaming PC is a personal computer that helps you to increase performance in the state of art computer games. 

This increased performance in your gaming PC is made possible by incorporating a high graphical and power processing unit. This type of PC can come in the form of desktop computers or laptop computers.

The major difference between a gaming PC and your conventional or regular PC is the video processing capability. While a gaming PC has Video cards that include dedicated RAM, GPU, and cooling system, our regular computers use an onboard graphics controller. 

A gaming desktop computer performs better than a gaming laptop because a gaming laptop lacks a cooling system. SSD (solid-state drive) is the modern-day storage device used in computers.

These types of storage devices substitute the mechanical storage device that uses a flash-based drive. The working of this SSD is different from the working of our conventional storage device. 

This category of storage device makes use of chips called NAND that have no moving parts.

From the above explanation, you will understand that an SSD for gaming PCs is a modern storage device used in gaming PCs to store games. 


Is SSD Better For Gaming PC?

SSD is better for your gaming PC because of the following reasons;

  • The loading time of SSD is faster when compared with other storage devices. This is because an SSD does not have a spinning component that will delay the loading operation.
  • The absence of spinning components that is prone to damage makes your SSD more reliable than other gaming PC storage devices. Games saved in your SSD are more secure because of this reason.
  • When other storage devices spin, their temperature increases, and this is not obtainable in SSD. Hence for temperature stability, the use of SSD is encouraged. 
  • SSD has a cooling system that makes your gaming PC fan not work too hard, hence noise production is reduced in systems that use these storages devices
  • The fact that your SSD does not have a moving part makes it more efficient for gaming. The reason for this is that the energy that is supposed to move the spinning component as in other storage devices will be saved in gaming PCs that use SSD.
  • Most SSD used in gaming PCs have a higher capacity than regular mechanical storage devices.


What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD?

Here are the differences between SSD and HDD;

1. SSD is a solid-state drive that makes use of microchips while HDD is a hard disc drive that makes use of mechanical spinning to locate information stored in it.

2. The transfer rate of data from SSD is between 200MB/s to 500MB/s while the transfer rate of data from HDD is between 140MB/s to 150MB/s.


Does SSD Increase FPS?

FPS is an acronym for the phrase “Frame per second”, and it simply means the rate at which successive images known as frames appear on the display. SSD alone does not have a significant effect on FPS. There is no difference between FPS in your SSD and that in your HDD. 

Focusing on your drive (whether SSD or HDD) will not increase FPS, except if it is your storage device that is the problem or the bottleneck to the performance of the gaming PC. The best way to improve your FPS is to improve your graphics card.


How Much SSD Do I Need For Gaming?

The capacity of SSD needed by gamers can vary depending on the gamer’s needs and budget. But in all, you should go for an SSD size that will give you a better experience of the game and that will not affect your gaming PC. An SSD with a data storage capacity of about 256 GB is mostly found in gaming PCs. 

This is enough for general gaming purposes but may not suit the needs of some gamers. To some people that make use of a gaming PC, 256 GB will not be enough for them as it will not give the maximum satisfaction they hope to derive.

Most games like FIFA 19 and witcher 3 that people play need more than 50 GB of space, and installing them on a 256 GB drive implies that only 4-5 of them can be accommodated.

And this will make the gaming experience boring as one will need to uninstall an already existing game in the derived before adding a new one. For this reason, large numbers of gaming PCs make use of SSD with storage capacities between 512 GB to 1 TB. 

Using storage outside this range may either limit your gaming experience or might lead to a waste of storage space. You should use an SSD instead of HDD for your game installation, as the working parts of most operating systems work better with an SSD instead of an HDD.


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Should I use Only SSD or SSD and HDD?

The best thing to do if you can afford the money is to go for a high-capacity SSD because it is faster and works better with your operating system. If you don’t have money for a High capacity SSD, then buy a low-capacity SSD and HDD, but make sure that you install your operating system and programs on SSD, and then your pictures, videos, and documents on HDD.



An SSD for a gaming PC is a better version of the storage devices used in gaming computers. In comparison to the well-known traditional mechanical storage device, it offers better capacity, speed, durability, temperature stability, etc. 

For better working of the operating system of a gaming PC, you are encouraged to use SSD. It is also very important that you use the right size of SSD in our program installation to avoid waste of your drive space or the limitation of your gaming experience. 

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