Ola TV on Firestick – Reviews and Installation Guide

How to install Ola TV on Firestick, Android, and iOS devices

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In this guide, you will learn how to install Ola TV on Firestick and Android devices.

Ever since 2017, Ola tv has been leading the way and providing a long range of channels. It is one of the best streaming apps out there because it gives you over 50,000 channels from around the world. Especially for those that want TV channels from remote countries and find it hard to get channels from sources like Red Box.  

This guide will be giving you a tour of the Ola TV, especially on how to install the app on your Firestick, the Features of the app, and some of the reasons why it is the one application that is loved by many. 


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What is Ola TV?

Ola TV is a streaming app that provides you with all the TV channels you wish to have. It gives you at least 50,000 channels from across the world for your happy viewing.  

Before this app was officially launched in 2017, we had an app that was doing the job of offering you TV channels around the world but for some reason, Relax TV is out of the way and Ola TV is here. 

This TV is very popular among those who live in the United States because you don’t need to subscribe for cables for you to enjoy quality entertainment. 

Ola TV on Firestick is totally different from other TVs you see around. This is because, instead of it collecting links to give you movies and TV shows, it collects Links only on Live TV shows.

The app’s web harvesters move around the internet and gather all the live TV links and provide it for you in the app. 

It is important to note that Ola TV does not host any of the TV shows in their app, rather the web harvesters move around the internet and give you links from live TVs. 

This means you have to search through the links to get the best and most available ones but do not worry, the web harvesters do a pretty job, they refresh the links daily. 


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How to install Ola TV on Firestick 

Follow our guide showing you how to Install and sideload the Ola TV app on your Firestick 

  1. Open your firestick setting tab 
  2. Scroll down and move to the right till you see My Fire TV
  3. Click on it and select developers option 
  4. Turn on ADB Debugging and App from Unknown source 
  5. Return to Home and Click on Find 
  6. Under Find, click on the search tab 
  7. Type in  App Downloader on the search box or you can Say Downloader using Alexa voice Enabled remote. 
  8. When the downloader opens, click on it 
  9. Tap on download 
  10. Click on Open 
  11. Click on Allow Access 
  12. Now you have the downloader at your service
  13. Inside the downloader is a Search box
  14. Put the link to Ola TV: https://bit.ly/3AcKPfK and press GO
  15. Ola TV app download will start 
  16. Click on install 
  17. Allow the app to run and open the home screen 
  18. Now you can put your IPTV or Live TV subscription to Ola TV to stream your favorite TV.

Features of Ola TV on Firestick 

  1. Gives our over 50,000 channels around the world to choose from
  2. Very clean and easy to use (User friendly)
  3. Have Kids TV section 
  4. The software has been adapted to reduce buffering when on live TV 
  5. Compatible with many media players 
  6. Easy to Navigate by categories, Country, and sections 
  7. Lightweight application 
  8. Allows you to create your channel tab to help you manage your favorite channels 
  9. Great uptime and long history of stability.


This app was developed by IPTV Droid and the former makers of Relax TV. They have made a name for themselves over the years for producing the best apps. Some of the thing that this app lack is 

  • Does not have an active community on Reddit or Facebook or any other social media channels 
  • People complain a lot about the kind of ads they run on the app which sometimes seems annoying though it has been reduced. 
  • It also slows down the mobile phone and makes it hang. 


Frequently asked questions on Ola TV APK

Is Ola TV on Firestick legal? 

Let’s tell ourselves the truth, it is only legal if they are the original producers of the TV shows they offer you. To the government, it can be tagged pirated. 

Is Ola TV free? 

Yes, the app is very much free and generates its revenues from advertising networks. 

Is Ola TV on Firestick safe? 

This app has been in existence for some years now. 

 it is wise to say that the app is very much safe but will advise you to download the app either from the official website or go to the Amazon app store to get one for yourself. 


Conclusion on Ola TV on Firestick

I hope reading through this article, you have learned how to install Ola TV on Firestick. If you are looking for a way to stream live TV, Ola Tv APK is the decent answer to that.  Though it might not be the greatest in the market today, however, it offers you everything at no cost, which is enough reason to call it the best.

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