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Table of Contents is a web-based healthcare platform that connects healthcare providers with patients and insurance payers. The platform is designed to streamline the healthcare system by simplifying the way healthcare providers manage their patients and communicate with payers.

The website offers a range of tools for healthcare providers to manage their practices, such as electronic health records, claims processing, appointment scheduling, and patient communication. These tools are integrated into a single platform, making it easier for healthcare providers to manage their workflow and improve patient care.

One of the key features of is its electronic health record (EHR) system. The EHR system allows healthcare providers to access and update patient medical records from anywhere, at any time. This means that healthcare providers can access patient records and update them in real time, which can improve patient care and reduce errors.

The claims processing system is another important feature of The platform automates the claims process, allowing healthcare providers to submit claims and receive payment more quickly and efficiently. This can help to reduce the administrative burden on healthcare providers and improve the cash flow for their practices.

Appointment scheduling is another important tool offered by The platform allows healthcare providers to schedule appointments with patients, send appointment reminders, and manage their schedules. This can help to reduce missed appointments and improve patient care by ensuring that patients receive the care they need in a timely manner.

In addition to these core features, also offers a range of patient communication tools. The platform allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients via secure messaging, send appointment reminders, and provide patients with access to their medical records. This can help to improve patient engagement and satisfaction, as well as reduce the workload on healthcare providers.

Overall, is a powerful healthcare platform that offers a range of tools to help healthcare providers manage their practices more efficiently and improve patient care. The platform is easy to use, secure, and reliable, making it an ideal solution for healthcare providers looking to streamline their workflow and improve patient outcomes.


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Myproviderlink Guest Pay

Guest Pay allows patients or their family members to pay medical bills online without the need for a Myproviderlink account. This feature is particularly useful for those who may not have access to a computer or do not want to create an account on the website. The process of using Guest Pay is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

To use Guest Pay, the patient or their family member must have the medical billing statement or invoice that they want to pay. This statement or invoice will have an account number and an amount due. They will also need to have a valid credit or debit card to make the payment.

Once the patient or family member has these details, they can go to and click on the Guest Pay option. They will be prompted to enter the account number from the billing statement or invoice, along with the amount due. The website will then direct them to a secure payment page where they can enter their payment details.

After the payment has been processed, a confirmation page will appear, indicating that the payment has been successfully completed. The patient or family member can print out the confirmation page as a receipt of payment. The payment will also be recorded in the medical provider’s billing system, and the account balance will be updated accordingly.

Guest Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay medical bills online without needing to create an account on It is a great option for those who may not have access to a computer or do not want to create an account. Additionally, it is a fast and easy way to make a payment, which can be especially useful for those who are busy or on-the-go.

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