How To Remove Kodi Addons | 2024 Guide

Want to remove kodi addon safely? This guide will show you how. There are various reasons why you might want to remove kodi addons. It can be either that it’s no longer functioning, it’s got compatibility issues or maybe it’s not meeting your expected needs. But Whatever the reason might be, removing kodi addons isn’t difficult. It’s a straightforward process in which in a few steps you can safely uninstall unwanted add-ons and also free up space on your device.

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to remove kodi addons and get everything running smoothly again.

The importance of removing unwanted Kodi addon

Removing unwanted add-ons is essential for several reasons which can range from unnecessary add-on clusters to freeing up space. Here are quite several good reasons why you might want to remove Kodi addons.

  1. System instability: Too many add-ons on your system can slow down its performance or even cause it to crash. Overloading your system might create conflict in the system. If your Kodi is freezing frequently or buffering, you might consider removing the add-on to fix it.
  2. Privacy and security: Some add-ons might compromise your privacy and security. They have given cyber criminals access to track your device, hack your system, install malware, or even share your personal information and I know you won’t want a thing like that. When an add-on is asking for permission to access data storage on your device this is a big red flag. Run, and remove the addon immediately.
  3. Legal issues: Some add-ons might get you into legal trouble. They provide copyrighted content which is illegal. Some might not have the right to share some streaming content to you and if you download this type of content it can lead you into legal trouble. So the best way to avoid this is to remove the add-ons immediately.
  4. Stay updated: Some add-ons can become outdated and might stop working properly. Removing them ensures you have the best stable experience.
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Risk of keeping unwanted Kodi addon

  1. Keeping on wanted add-on can point some risk to you and your system
  2. Risks to your privacy and security as some add-ons might gain hackers and unauthorized access to your files, system, and personal information.
  3. Some outdated add-ons or unsupported add-ons that have not been receiving regular updates, maybe because developers have abandoned them, can also be susceptible to security breaches.
  4. Exposure to malicious content. Keeping unwanted add-ons can put you on the wrong side of the law and these add-ons might contain pirated or copyrighted content they don’t have access to share or stream. So to stay on the safer side we advise removing them.

Steps to on How To Remove Kodi Addons manually

To remove add-ons manually follow these steps.

  • Open Kodi and navigate to the add-on section.
  • Click on the Add-ons to access the list of installed add-ons.
  • Choose the category of the addon you wish to remove such as video add-on or program add-on.
  • Locate the Add-on you want to remove and right click on it (if you are using a touch screen device long press on it)
  • Select Information from the menu that appears.
  • In the information section click on the Uninstall Button.
  • Confirm the uninstallation.

Repeat this steps for each other you want to uninstall.

To remove Kodi Add-ons safely

Here are steps to completely remove the kodi addons from your system safely.

  1. From Kodi main menu click on Add-on.
  2. Choose my Add-ons.
  3. Select all
  4. Scroll down the list until you find the add-on you want to get rid of.
  5. Right-click on the add-on and select Information.
  6. Click Uninstall.
  7. After the add-on finishes uninstalling, go back to the main menu and select the gear icon. This is to delete the Add-on folder and data completely from your device.
  8. Select media settings.
  9. Move to the general or the left side of your screen.
  10. On the right side of the screen, make sure the slide for showing hidden files and directory is set on.
  11. Go back to the main menu and select the Gear icon again.
  12. Select the file manager and choose the profile directory.
  13. Click addon data and scroll down till you find the folder of the addons you want to delete.
  14. Right-click the addons and select delete.
  15. A warning notification box will appear to tell you “this will completely delete the folder” Click yes to finish deleting the Add-ons.

How to delete scripts that are not in the add-on folder

To delete separate scripts that are not in the add-on folder

The above process will completely delete all files on the add-on folder but there might be still other scripts that you installed along the deleted addons. For example, many third-party Kodi addons rely on a script called “URL resourcer”. This helps them to function currently and these scripts can stay on your computer even after the original add-on has been deleted. This is because it has its folder. To delete the script follow this method.

  • Go back to the file manager
  • Find the folder of each script to completely delete each file that was installed.

Conclusion on How To Remove Kodi Addons

Removing add-ons is one of the best ways to keep your kodi software clean, optimized, and organized.


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