Top Best HentaiNexus Alternatives

Best HentaiNexus Alternatives

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In this article, we will discuss hentaiNexus alternatives.

If you are a lover of +18 content then this article is for you. HentaiNexus is one of the best sources of +18 content coming from Japan. There are largely known as the best English hentai publisher in the world. 

Everything about the site is +18 content and placed in an animation style that’s the reason why it should be kept away from the reach of children. Here at Sleekytech, we believe in giving our readers the best content, for this reason, Hentai Nexus alternatives. 


What is HentaiNexus?

HentaiNexus is a popular +18 content website where you can download any kind of +18 in anime form which is basically made by the Japanese. The site interface is built in a way that it will be easy for you to navigate around it without stress. 

Having over 8000 +18 animations means you have enough in their archive. Hentai Nexus was once a free site where you can easily get the latest release of Hentai. 

The website receives millions of visitors on a monthly basis for a few reasons, translating all animation videos which was shot in the Japanese language to English. So non-Japanese speakers can easily understand whatever there are saying. 

The fact that all their videos are shot in animation form is even more reason why so many people like it. In 2021, the website was officially closed for so many DCMA complaints from different persons. 


Why Did HentaiNexus Get Shutdown?

The popular website runs under Wani Books where people go to download any kind of comic books and +18 content. 

In the First Quater of 2021, another company Fakku which is a private website in the same +18 content business went after the owner of Hentai Nexus and got a lot of people reporting the website and it finally got removed. It was sad for the fans but the report was over copy-right and piracy issues. 


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How to watch HentaiNexus Alternatives on FireStick

Here we would be giving you guidelines on how to watch hentai nexus alternatives on firestick using Amazon Silk Browser. 

  • From your Firestick Home, Click on Find
  • Select Search
  • Type Silk Browser 
  • Click on the suggestion given (Silk Browser)
  • Click on Download 
  • After downloading, Select the open option to launch the browser 
  • Put the URL of the site you want and you are done, you can stream any site you want. 


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Features of HetaiNexus

  • It was an ad-based website 
  • One of the best +18 content websites 
  • Serves anime in both Japanese and English 
  • Provided over 8000 animation videos 


Best Alternatives of Hetai Nexus

Note: it is advisable to use VPN while streaming this content to avoid being called up for copyright issues

These are the best alternatives for HetaiNexus 

  1. HentaiMama 

On the list is HentaiMama, receiving up to 7 million views monthly and serving as the best alternative to hentai mama. It gives you all the latest +18 content videos.  



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  1. Tsumino 

This is an ad-based website for +18 content like XXX and fantasy. It is mostly based on artistic works, having up to 3000 artists post with videos.



  1. 9Hentai

This is pretty new in the industry, they are known for providing hentai content in the English language. The best part is that the site is ad-free. 



  1. Hentai2read

This website contains a wide range of +18 content and fantasy. 

When Hentai Nexus was closed, people switched to hentai2read because it was nearly the same as Hetai Nexus. For Hentai Genre lovers you can never get tired of watching any of their videos. 

They became so big that there have approximately 23 million visitors on a monthly basis and they make their money majorly on ads, no subscription is required.

You don’t only watch videos here, you can also read comics which are referred to as illegal. URL:


Is it Safe to Watch Hetai Nexus? 

Though the website has officially been shut down it is safe to use a VPN to watch any other websites which have been mentioned here. 

The reason why VPN is important is to avoid being flagged for copyright infringement which is an offense in the internet space. 



Finally, HetaiNexus as we have mentioned is only made for +18 and should be kept away from the view of children, parental guidance is very important. 

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