How to Install GoGoAnime on Firestick in 30 Seconds

Install GoGoAnime on Firestick

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In this article, we are giving you the things you need to know about GoGoAnime on firestick

Today you can find a lot of streaming platforms you can use to watch your favorite shows but have you heard of GoGoAnime on Firestick? This is an Amazon fire stick TV application that is built to help you stream all your favorite anime movies and TV shows. 

With this app, you don’t have to wait or search for trending videos and new movies because gogo Anime is here to serve all those needs. 

We have so many streaming platforms today like Netflix, Cinema HD, Disney, and so on, but one thing about these applications is the fact that they don’t give you everything you need. 

That is the reason why GoGoanime was built, before we continue, below are the features of the GoGoanime app. 


Features of GoGoAnime on Firestick

  • The phone version that is needed for this app is from 5.0 up, if your phone or Android version is below 5.0 then you can’t use this great app. 
  • With Gogoanime, you will enjoy all your favorite Japanese cartoons without stress. 
  • It gives you subtitles of cartoons that are not shot in English.
  • The app keeps all content according to its category, so to find the one you want, you have to look at the categories. 
  • You decide if to watch the videos online or to watch them offline, you can download it and watch them later.
  • It comes with a good graphical interface and excellent animation. 
  • All the uploaded content is automatically shared on telegram for those that want to download and watch it later.
  • One unique thing about this app is the speed in finding your favorite movies. Cartoons bring back memories of childhood and that is why even adults watch them today. 
  • On a yearly basis, this app is updated and new things are always added. On this year’s update, they have included the alert button, which means you don’t really have to go to the app to know if a new movie has dropped. After your registration, you have given them permission to always send you notifications on new movies that drops, so any time they are a new release you will be the first to hear about it. 
  • Another unique thing about this app is the fact that it is very addictive, if you start watching anything you won’t want to leave it because it makes everything look so real. 


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How to Download GoGoAnime on APK on Phone 

If you are yet to get this app, then you have been missing a lot because it’s giving you exclusive content for free. 

Below is the simple way to download this app; 

  • Click on the link below, it will take you to the download button;”  
  • Click on download and it will start. 
  • Install the app 
  • Start using and enjoy 

You can watch gogoanime with your Android, iOS, smart TV, or Amazon Firestick


How to Watch GoGoAnime on firestick 

The guide I have provided here is for you to know to watch Gogoanime on Amazon fire sticks. 

  • On the firesticks, press the center on your Alexa remote it will take you to a search button 
  • On the search button of the web browser type Amazon Silk – the web browser
  • When you see the Amazon Silk- web browser, click on get and the installation will start. 
  • When the installation is complete, open the app browser and type in” or you can just type gogoanime
  • When it comes out, simply click on go
  • After this is done, you can now start watching your favorite movies and shows without any interruption. 

Another unique thing about this app is the fact that it is good deep into the web to bring out all the anime videos that even other streaming platforms don’t show just to entertain you. 

This app can not only be used in Firesticks, but it is also compatible with some other smart TVs like the infinix smart TV and Samsung smart TV. 


Gogo Anime not Working (How to Troubleshoot) FAQ 

Some persons have complained about having some issues with the app, such as having a white screen when they are using it. 

Well, there may be some reasons why your app is not working well. These reasons are what we have explained below:

1. No Network Connection, One of the reasons why your app is not working or showing a white blank space is because your network is not working, all you need to do is to leave the app and open it again when your network gets stable. 

2. If your phone crashes a few seconds after opening the app, all you need to do is to turn your phone off and on it again (reboot). It will balance 

3. Be sure your phone has a 5.0 version before thinking of going to download the app because it is not compatible with anything less than 5.0. 

4. And in case the new version is not working for you, then you should download the old version.


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For all the cartoon lovers around the world, gogo anime TV can be used on your firestick, smart TV, android phone, and your Apple phone. 

You can’t carry a tv around but you can carry your phone around, don’t allow boredom to be your friend when you have GoGoAnime on firestick.

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