CNET Best Wearables For 2023

CNET best wearables for 2023

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In this article, we are going to highlight the lists of the Five cnet best wearables.

Wearable technology is one of the fastest-growing industries. Ingenious innovations are allowing users to monitor their health status in real time. This is useful both for those focused on fitness and for those concerned about health problems.

A recent survey conducted by Statista shows an exponential increase in the number of wearable users. The survey estimated the number of wearable users that have 4G connectivity between 2017 – 2018 to be over 526 million. This number is expected to grow to 1.1 billion by 2022.

However, always look for the newest version of any wearable device to stay up with the latest trends. New features are common and the technology powering them grows more robust with each passing cycle. 

5 CNET best wearables

 for 2023

  • Garmin Vivomove HR
  • Garmin Venu
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Fitbit Versa Lite
  • Polar A370
  • Garmin Vivomove HR

The Garmin Vivomove HR is the latest smartwatch from Garmin. The Vivomove HR is the upgraded version of Garmin’s hybrid smartwatch. The upgrade focuses on the design, specs, and functionality.

This smartwatch comes with a fitness tracking feature. The Vivomove HR smartwatch has a sleek design with customizable aesthetics and a touchscreen. According to Garmin, this smartwatch was designed with women in mind, especially the petite ones. That being said, the Vivomove HR can be worn by both sexes.

The Vivomove HR is a fitness wearable that monitors and tracks your heart rate 24/7. 

Fitness tracking of Vivomove HR includes:

  • Heart rate monitoring: detailed data of calories, alerts, and zones all via the optical HR sensor of the smartwatch.
  • Steps and activities: the Vivomove HR monitors and keeps a record/track of your movement, distance, and steps. Also, it sends you a notification once you are inactive.
  • Monitor sleep patterns and record the number of hours spent sleeping.
  • Stress measurement: Vivomove HR monitors your stress levels and measures the heart rate variables.
  • Measures fitness: this smartwatch measures the minutes of your fitness activities and also the fitness age and VO2 max of your fitness. 

Features of Garmin Vivomove HR

The Vivomove HR has a water-resistant feature, which means you can wear it while taking a shower or swimming. This smartwatch also has a four-fold breath feature; this feature helps to make you relax and breathe properly. Vivomove HR has a good battery life which can last up to five days according to Garmin. 


This smartwatch can also last up to two weeks in watch mode. The only downside of this smartwatch in terms of battery life is its proprietary charger instead of a universal charger: which means it uses only one specific type of charger. 

This device also has responsive and intuitive music control and smart notifications 

Availability and price:

Garmin Vivomove HR’s price starts at £169.99 in the United Kingdom and $199.99 in the United States. This device is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, or the official Garmin store.

  • Garmin Venu

This smartwatch is Garmin’s first-ever smartwatch with an AMOLED touchscreen. If you are looking for a fitness smartwatch, then this device is all you need. When compared with Apple Watch Series 5, Garmin Venu is cheaper, and not only that, it offers great features and functionalities.

The Garmin Venu has some similarities with the Vivoactive 4 —. Vivoactive4 is a smartwatch with Bluetooth connectivity and WIFI features for Apple and Android notifications but the Garmin Venu is different when it comes to its display.

This device has a 390 X 390 AMOLED display which makes it have a crisp display feature with active graphics. This smartwatch has a heart-rate graph that comes in rainbow format; displays crisp and fancy colors.


The Garmin Venu comes with a 43.2 x 43.2 by 12.4MM body and weighs 43grams. If you are using this smart device for the first time, you will probably need a few days to get used to it. 

One merit of the Garmin Venu over other Garmin smartwatches is its touchscreen display. This feature enhances the intuitive user experience. This device has two control buttons on both sides and has Garmin Pay for seamless payment. It has a storage capacity of up to 500 music/songs and allows streaming from Amazon Music, Deezer, or Spotify.

The Garmin Venu also features responsive and intuitive music control, weather, smart notifications, and a calendar. 

Battery Life of Garmin Venu

The AMOLED display of this device consumes more power than any other feature of this device. And as such, it is recommended to always leave the device set to “always on”. This device stays charged for up to 6 days when in GPS mode and up to 5 days when in smartwatch mode. However, when both modes are switched off, this device can last up to 20 days.

Fitness tracking features of Garmin Venu.

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • GPS, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Calorie tracking
  • Stress and energy measurements
  • VO2 max and intensity minutes monitoring.

With the above list of fitness tracking, the Garmin Venu has all-around tracking and monitoring of your fitness and health. 

  • Apple Watch Series 5

This device is Apple’s first smartwatch to have the ON display feature. Previously, Apple smartwatches didn’t have the always-on feature; the face of the watch often remained dark until you touched the screen or raised your wrist. 

With the always-on feature, you will be able to see the time anywhere without needing to raise your wrist or touch the screen. 

Brief specification of Apple Watch Series 5:

  • Watch thickness: 10.7 mm
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Watch display: 997sqmm/ 759sqmm (LTPO OLED Retina display with force-touch and 1000 nits-brightness.
  • Wifi connectivity: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHZ
  • Storage capacity: 32GB
  • Watch processor: 64-bit dual-core SG processor 

It is incredible how you can see the time every time you want without needing to raise your wrist.

Also, the Apple Watch Series 5 features watchOS 6 tools which help to improve the Apple Watch user experience, a built-in compass, and a heart health diagnostic wizard (ECG app).


Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on feature that shows a dimmed version of your watch screen. You can use this to preview information, messages, fitness tracks, and lots more. This is mostly used when the watch is in inactive mode.

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with an ambient light sensor that is capable of detecting the degree of light in an environment and automatically adjusting to it. 

The display also has time-elapsed features which usually refresh every second. The always-on feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 is useful when you are running or taking a fast-long walk. However, you need to turn off this feature to save battery.


The compass app is one very useful app. It shows you the direction you are facing. One good thing about the Apple Watch Series 5 compass feature is that it shows your direction even in the most remote places.  

Battery life

The always-on feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t seem to drain much battery when tested. When all the apps are turned on, with compass and maps on, tracking a 3.75-mile walk/run and asking Siri questions that lasted up to 14 hours, the battery percentage left was 10 percent, which means the battery life is pretty good.


The Apple Watch Series 5 has the same design as Series 4. It has a titanium and aluminum design. 

WatchOS 6

The Apple Watch Series 5 features WatchOS 6. This is a new software that is available for Series 3 and above. 

With the watchOS 6, you will have access to the calculator app, the noise app (used to monitor decibel levels), the watch app store, and the cycle tracking app. The calculator app comes with a feature that allows you to calculate the amount of money someone owes you and enter a reminder. This makes IOUs super simple!

WatchOS 6 Cycle Tracking

This feature is very handy as women can now get a track record of their periods. To use this feature, you will have to self-report your period cycle and this device will automatically predict your next menstruation. 

This feature also has spots, symptoms, and period flow tracking and allows the addition of ovulation details, basal body temperature in your iPhone health app, and cervical mucus quality. These Cycle Tracking features allow you to monitor your fertility window in case you are planning a pregnancy.

  • Fitbit Versa Lite

This device is a replica of the Ionic version. The Fitbit Versa Lite-on first sight will look like the standard versa with it having fewer buttons on its sides. This device, however, lacks some of the regular Versa features.


The Fitbit Versa Lite comes with a round corner made with lightweight aluminum material. When compared with the standard Versa, this device seems not to be more circular. The Fitbit Versa Lite comes with a sleek design that makes it wearable for sporting or outdoor events.

This device has a 1.34-inch touchscreen and a resolution of 300 pixels by 300. The Fitbit Versa Lite has screen brightness which is listed at 1000 nits, although this might not be the best brightness when outdoors but it is manageable for this device.

It has Corning Gorilla glass-3 for protection against falls and scratches. It has buttons on both sides acting as the lock button and back button when you are using the apps. The Fitbit Versa Lite also has sensors and charging contacts. The sensors that this device features include: a heart rate sensor and the SPO2 sensor which monitors blood-oxygen levels.

The Fitbit Versa Lite has a strap that is made of flexible silicone and durable material. The strap has a pin-type buckle for protection and security purposes. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters and, as such, it is suitable for swimming or diving. However, it does not have a tracking feature while swimming.

Storage and Compatible apps 

This device comes with pre-installed apps and uses the Fitbit OS. The pre-installed apps include a timer, weather, alarms, relaxation, and exercise. It also has the Strava app pre-installed and comes with dedicated icons/symbols for settings and tips. 

To access notifications, you need to swipe down and to go to quick access, you need to swipe up. Swiping up opens the daily statistics on the device.

To access any app, all you need to do is to swipe right/left/up/down from the watch face or the home screen/menu. If you love having more apps on your device, you can do so by downloading more apps via the Fitbit smartphone app. However, note that you need to turn ON the location and Bluetooth of your device. Set up is easy and fast and only requires a pairing method. 

This will only take a few minutes and you are good to go. With the app, you can install third-party and native apps, change your watch face, view detailed stats of your sleep and activities, and lots more.

The storage capacity of this smart device is not so much as compared with Apple and Samsung smartwatches and as such, storing music has been a bit challenging. However, you can stream music with Spotify HR.

Fitness Tracking Features

Fitbit Versa Lite comes with a built-in heart rate tracking feature. This feature monitors your height, age, sleep data, and weight accurately. Also, you can monitor the number of calories burned while at rest or running. 

This device has an exercise app that does 24/7 monitoring of workouts such as weight lifting, biking, running, treadmill, and walking. One good side of this device is that even though you forgot to turn it ON before working out, it still monitors your workout activities with accuracy.

It has GPS connectivity for tracking your outdoor exercise even without the exercise app. 

Battery Life

On a single full charge, this device lasts up to 4 days. However, the standby power of this device depends on its usage. This device has a fast-charging feature which makes it unique. A 30-minute charge will give you 40% on a flat battery. 


This device comes with a pocket-friendly price which starts at AU$249.95/ £149.99/$159/.

  • Polar A370

The Polar A370 is an upgrade to A360. The upgrade seen in the Polar A370 is a makeup of what is lacking in the previous version A360. This current version features GPS, heart rate monitoring, a sleep-tracking tool, an easy-to-fasten wristband, and lots more.



The Polar A370 shares the same physical features as A360. Also, both devices have common software features which include TFT capacitive touchscreen and beautiful colors.

Swiping down, you will find the setting option and the details of your daily stats and heart rate. Workout training tools can also be found in that area. The Polar A370 comes with a bigger screen display.

This device has smart notifications that allow alerts from calls, texts, and calendars. It comes with six different interchangeable straps made with an elastomer material. 

Fitness tracking:

The Polar A370 has a 24/7 heart rate monitoring feature. This feature allows you to log your outdoor running/walking mileage and speeds. Also, you will get detailed information about your heart rate based on your sleep patterns and the activities you are doing.

With its Polar sleep plus tool, all your sleeping patterns are monitored. The sleeping pattern is then synced via the Polar Flow App.

A Better Run-Tracker:

For every 4 to 5 minutes, the Polar A370 displays your heart rate on the screen. However, while working out, it tracks your entire training session. It also measures and calculates the number of calories burned.

The Polar A370 has GPS features that the A360 version lacked. Though you will not find the GPS feature on the device directly, it allows synchronizing your phone’s GPS into the device. This might be challenging as the accuracy will be altered.

Battery Life

The Polar A370 stays up to 4 days on a single full charge. However, turning off most of its apps will make the battery last longer. This device comes with a micro USB cable. Pricing starts at $102 to $180.

Conclusion on Cnet best wearables

If you are a workout freak and need to monitor your heart rate while training, then getting wearable technology might be the best option for you. Many wearable devices come at pocket-friendly prices. Not only will you be able to monitor your heart rate, but there are also other data you can measure or track with wearable devices which include the number of calories burned, sleeping patterns, and time. 

Most CNET best wearables come with entertainment features. However, it is very crucial to stay updated with any version of wearable technology to enjoy its latest features. However, be aware of the security threats you might encounter which include leaking your data to third parties for advertisement purposes. 

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