3 Best Free WordPress Themes

Best Free WordPress Themes

In this article, you will learn more about Best Free WordPress Themes.

Please don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your website. Trusting a third party and not knowing how they’ll deliver on their promise is too much of a risk.

Is there a single WordPress theme for all your needs? The answer is YES. You can find an elegant and multipurpose custom design on just about any kind of website.

A website’s success can be largely influenced by the theme it uses. A good, strong, and relevant design will help search engines recognize your site as valuable content that needs more visitors to grow organically over time. It does this while also helping users find what they’re looking for much easier than if you had something less confusing or “novel.”

The future of WordPress is in your hands, so it’s important that you find the right theme for what will be one of 2019 biggest social media platforms. In this article, we’ve hand-picked some great-looking themes from all over; they range from simple and minimalistic to fully-customized ones with lavish designs.

Top Best Free WordPress Themes

We have picked some of the most popular WordPress themes in every category. You can find niche-specific ones, as well as top multipurpose layouts on our list.


Divi is the most popular multipurpose WordPress theme on the market. It’s created by Elegant Themes, one of many other top WP theme shops in this industry today. 

Divi makes it easy to create any layout. You also get 20 premade Divi themes right out of the box so you can jump-start your new project with minimal effort.


Features of Divi

  1. The layout is ready to use: The Divi Theme is a powerful and versatile theme that provides you with hundreds of premade layouts to choose from. All these different designs are easily adjustable to be customized for your page to look unique.
  2. You can add to Divi Layout 46+ Content Modules: Divi’s modules are the building blocks of your website, which you can add to any page or layout in order for it to be more dynamic. There are 46 content types such as sliders and galleries that allow users to interact with their websites via an intuitive interface on every Divi site we see today.
  3. Live Preview Customizer: The only way to preview your site on your website before publishing is by clicking a button and opening up another window. But with Divi’s Live Preview feature, you can watch as it updates in real-time while building.
  4. Plugin Compatibility: Divi also supports WooCommerce, one of the best eCommerce plugins on the market. Divi’s drag-and-drop layouts make it easy to design your own website with a store in just minutes.

Divi Price

Divi offers 2 different pricing plans: Yearly Access and Lifetime Access. You can pay $89 per year, which is their most popular plan (a 1-time price), or get lifetime access to the entire platform with a one-time purchase at 249 dollars! There are no obligations on your end – it’s risk-free guaranteed when you sign up for this option.


The Ultra theme by Themify will give you a powerful and flexible website builder that is easy to use. With drag-and-drop features, it’s incredibly simple for any user from beginner all the way up through advanced levels of knowledge in building websites.

You only need to create a single click, and you can import their demo setup that includes various theme settings, content, menus, etc. This helps in quickly starting your new website project.

This means no more spending time setting up the whole thing from scratch.

Features of Ultra

  1. Instant Importer of Demo Content: Themify Ultra makes designing websites faster and easier than ever before. With a single click, you can create your own website that looks just like the demo site.
  2. Responsive and Parallax Scrolling: Themify Ultra lets you create amazing parallax scrolling effects that will have your audience captivated. With this powerful plugin, it’s easy to move the background content faster or slower than what they are viewing when on a page with foreground elements like text and images.
  3. Many layout options: With Themify Ultra, you can have a variety of layouts to choose from. You may want the same look and feel for your entire site, or just pages-to make an individual design with different styles (such as dark mode).
  4. Flexible Portfolio Options: You’ll be asked to install Themify Portfolio Post plugin upon the theme installation. This enables your site visitors and customers alike a new way of showcasing their work through portfolios on each individual blog post they publish.


Themify Ultra is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to look professional and create their own unique website. You can purchase it for only $49, but 9 site builder addons come included with your purchase! Additionally, you are allowed to install this onto as many domains or websites that fit within a certain size limit.


SeedProd is the only drag-and-drop WordPress landing page builder that lets you build your website blocks by blocking the way. It comes with hundreds of premade templates for sales pages, coming soon pages, opt-in forms, or webinar listings.

Features of SeedProd

  1. Improve Lead Generation: Landing pages are designed to collect information from website visitors so the user can be connected with your business later. Optimizing them makes it easier for users who have come in through any of their channels and convinces them that they should give out other necessary data such as an email address or phone number.
  2. Collect User Data: Landing pages are a great way to get more information about your customers and convert them into loyal fans. Landing page software can help you understand what they like, how much money is needed for conversion, or even just an email address before it’s too late.
  3. WordPress theme compatibility: SeedProd can help you create your website with a custom design, or they will match the branding of any WordPress theme and make it look just how you want.
  4. Spam protection: Google Recaptcha uses an AI to identify bots and spam, making it easy for you to keep your users safe while they’re on the site.


The available pages and their price are shown below:

  1. Basic cost is $31.60
  2. Plus cost $79.60
  3. Pro cost $159.60
  4. Elite cost $239.60


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Conclusion on Best Free WordPress Themes

With so many choices, it can still be hard to pick the right theme. But we’ve narrowed our favorites down to thousands and are confident you will find one that suits your needs.

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