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Terms of Service

1. Terms

By accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of use. These include but are not limited to all applicable laws as well as any local restrictions in your country or region which may apply (for example, if it’s illegal there).

You also agree that because we believe so much in our content – both written information from experts on specific topics along with photos submitted by visitors like yourself- then anyone found using these materials without complying will be prosecuted accordingly under copyright law.

2. Use of License(s)

With this temporary license, you may view Sleekytech’s website materials for personal use only. You are not allowed to copy or make any copies of the information on our site and distribute them in any way without express permission from us first! This grant is a privilege that cannot be transferred to another person so please exercise caution when downloading anything from here–we’re serious about protecting our content as well as yours. You should not:

  1. You may not copy, modify or distribute the materials on this website. The copyright is owned by Sleekytech and you cannot use these items for any public display (commercial or non-profit). If you want to make copies of them for your use then contact us first before doing so!
  2. By viewing these materials, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this contract. This license shall automatically terminate if any of its clauses are violated without exception or termination permission from Sleekytech.com and may also be terminated at any time with no warning whatsoever; upon such a termination either party involved must remove all downloaded content immediately whether it exists as electronic data files on personal devices (Mp3s) OR paper copies found locally within your possession.

3. Disclaimer

  • Sleekytech does not make any warranty, expressed or implied about the information on their website. You may find material that is inaccurate and Sleekytech will not be held liable for errors in this content.
  • The materials on Sleekytech.com are provided ‘as is’ with all faults of input excepted – there we disclaim possible violations against intellectual property rights which can happen due to third-parties sites using our bandwidth without permission from us. These materials are provided for informational purposes only. Sleekytech does not monitor the Internet and cannot attest to their accuracy, likely results, or reliability when used as a basis for decision-making regarding any business activity other than those related specifically to Sleekytech’s products and services.

4. Limitations

Sleekytech.com and its suppliers disclaim all responsibility for any damages you suffer, including but not limited to loss of data or profit due to the use of Sleekytech’s Internet site. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties or liabilities for consequential or incidental damages these provisions may be void in your jurisdiction.

5. Revisions

Sleekytech’s website may contain errors. This includes technical, typographical, or photographic mistakes which cannot be guaranteed by Sleekytech for accuracy of the material presented on their site at any given time. Updates to this information could happen without warning so users should not rely upon it as being 100% accurate and up-to-date with current events.

6. Linking

Sleekytech does not review all of the sites linked to its Internet website and is not responsible for their contents. The inclusion of any link on Sleekytech’s website should only be used as a guide, rather than an endorsement by ourselves about what you will find when visiting these third-party resources. Use at your own risk!

7. Governing Law

The terms and conditions govern your use of this Web site that is accessible at www.sleekytech.com. Please read these general provisions carefully, as they will affect how we interact with you about claims arising from any dispute relating to the content on this Website or services provided by Sleekytech.

The rules for visitors apply regardless if there are other Conflict-of-Law Provisions included elsewhere within that legal code which could lead to it being governed differently.

8. Privacy Policy

We’re committed to your privacy. Our policy is simple: we never share the information you give us with anyone unless it’s necessary for the delivery of services or products in which case, depending on what type of personal details were submitted at registration time will determine how long they’ll be stored by ourselves before being destroyed as requested under law provisions regulating electronic data retention periods imposed upon companies.

  1. Personal information should only be collected and used for specific purposes. We will not keep the individual’s data longer than necessary unless they have granted us explicit consent or are within compliance with law requirements that allow a certain amount of time to process an application.
  2. Personal information should be collected by legitimate and fair means, with the knowledge or consent of the individuals concerned. Personal data will only be used for specific purposes as defined in this policy statement; it must also adhere to reasonable security standards against loss/theft and unauthorized access/disclosure so that your details remain safe from prying eyes!
  3. As a bonus: we’ll make sure our customers know where their submitted forms are going when they subscribe–no more wondering who has seen what online.
  4. We believe that it is important to be transparent about how we manage your personal information, both during and after a purchase. We will make available any details relating to aspects of privacy on request at any time when using our services or making an inquiry through this website
  5. We are committed to ensuring compliance with international standards for data protection by adhering strictly to applicable laws concerning access requests as well as preservation periods governing records kept from past transactions between parties involved who may have been customers but also provide other valuable insights into how they operate in regards integrity so that protections can remain intact.