At this point, you may be wondering: how can I make money from live events? Luckily, many professional streaming services are equipped with a variety of tools.

One method is to charge viewers to watch your live stream just like they’d pay for a movie or concert ticket. Viewers can pay via a model.

SVOD and TVOD monetization. It restricts free access to digital content by requiring a viewer to purchase the video or pay for a subscription to gain access to the content.

It’s up to you to choose the payment plan that works for you.

Many live streaming platforms also give you the option. The benefit of free platforms here is that you’re in control of which ads are displayed.

One of the biggest advantages of live streaming is that it gives your business more ways to make money.


Reliable Global Delivery

Most professional streaming solutions partner with powerful. A CDN is a collection of servers placed strategically across different geographic regions. Partnering does more than avoid lagging and quality issues. It helps you to ensure reliable content delivery to viewers both near and far.

The best way to secure global content delivery.

Some streaming services also have partnerships with the Chinese government that make it possible. This clearance is difficult to get since it often requires signing papers and filing documents in China. That’s why it is advantageous because it has already put in that work.

With the right professional video streaming service, you can send your content around the globe. That is an advantage you just can’t experience with in-person events.


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Customizable Video Player

As we mentioned earlier, many professional streaming platforms support distraction-free video streaming. They allow you to stream without third-party ads or logos. However, using a paid streaming solution takes it a step further by providing a customizable.

Not only can you customize the branding, but you can select functional elements. It is up to you to decide what buttons and controls your player has, in addition to whether or not the player is responsive. You can set the size to fit wherever and more.

The ability to allows you to integrate it seamlessly into the app or web page where it will live. These small things add a very professional touch. Having a custom video player is a big benefit of working with a professional video hosting provider.


Another professional service is that it is generally more cost-effective and invests in all of the related technology. This is especially applicable when it comes to content delivery and bandwidth.

Access to a powerful CDN is expensive. CDN prices are often determined by how much bandwidth you use, so the cost can creep up on you.

Since streaming services for business are typically equipped with easy-to-use features, you don’t need to hire a developer to configure things for you. Some are more expensive than others, but it is almost always cheaper to go with one of these pre-developed software options. You can save yourself both time and money, both of which are valuable resources, by working with a professional streaming service.

Integrations with External Tools

Although many professional streaming solutions have a wide range of features, there is a common recognition that there can always be more useful tools.

The best streaming services are equipped with access, which allows you to customize your video hosting experience by integrating external apps and programs. This could include encoders, mixers, CRMs, and more.

One of Dacast’s most valuable integrations is Zoom.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are now more important than ever as piracy are at an all-time high. More can be attributed to illegal streaming services, with pirated video material totalling over 230 billion views a year.

Free streaming platforms, like Daily Motion and YouTube, have no real privacy or security tools, so it is almost impossible to limit access to your content. Paid tools, however, are generally equipped with both privacy and security features. This keeps your content and video CMS safe from hackers and it allows you to control who has access to your video players.

Some features for privacy and security include:

  • Password protection
  • Tokenized security
  • IP/Geographic Restrictions
  • Domain/Referrer restrictions

These tools make it possible to protect your video content from people with poor intentions. Your content is valuable, which is why you are going to want to protect it with the tools offered by a professional video service.

Streamlined Broadcasting Experience

With all of the benefits we mentioned above, it is safe to say that live streaming with a professional service helps streamline. With all of your streaming tools on one, easy-to-use platform, it is quite simple to get started.

Most platforms include all of the tools you need to host, manage, monetize, and deliver your content, so you’re not jumping from program to program to bring it all together.


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