How to install Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build on Firestick

In this guide, you will learn how to install Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build on fire tv stick and android devices.

Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build

Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build is a build from the chef wizard repository. It has a size of 283Mb and it uses the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. It is available for Matrix 19 and up.

The menu items are Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids Zone, Music, System, Add-ons and Power Button. The movies and tv show sections have been separated into two different categories which make it easier to find what you are looking for.

The live tv section includes all of the popular uk channels as well as USA channels. The sports section includes some great add-ons such as Atdhenet Sportz IPTV, Castaway, DC Sports, Project Mayhem IPTV and United Kingdom Sports Channels.

The kid’s section includes add-ons such as BBC iPlayer Kids, CbeebiesIPLAYER, Mega Cartoon Kodi Addon and YouTube – Kids. The music menu has a great selection of live music stations as well as demand tv shows including Later with Jools Holland and T In The Park.

Legal Disclaimer: is not and will never be responsible for any illegal activity that may occur when using these apps, services or content – including but not limited to legal issues arising from their use in violation of copyright law (or other applicable intellectual property laws). Use at your own risk! The tutorials are purely educational; however, we cannot guarantee 100% legality as it varies by region due to unconfirmed licensing agreements between various streaming providers which could affect what’s available on the marketplace depending if they have authorization rights there compared to others who don’t hold such licenses across all regions where end-users live. Users should research every single app/service before installing them just like you would look into something reputable before purchasing its product locally whether goods comply.

How to install Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build on Firestick

Step 1. Launch kodi and turn on the unknown sources: settings > system > addons > Unknown sources.

Step 2. Return to home screen > settings > file manager > add source > and click on None

Step 3. Enter this URL: > OK

Step 4. Enter a name for the media source.

Step 5. Return to home screen > settings > addons logo > install from the zip file and click on the name you saved the URL with and select

Step 6. Wait for addon installed notification

Step 7. Click on install from repository > chef’s Wizard 19 Repository

Step 8. Go back to home screen > addons > program addons > chef’s Wizard 19 Wizard and then select Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build > Fresh install.

Features of Mali Equinox Matrix Kodi Build

– Aeon Nox Silvo Skin

– Size 283MB

– Movies, TV Shows and Live TV Sections Included.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software ten-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.


Kodi Features:

-Playback of video formats including MKV, MPV, MOV, AVI, FLV etc

-Audio playback of MPC, OGG, FLAC etc

-Picture viewing of JPEGs, BMPs etc

-EPG support for TV programs

-Remote control support via mobile apps

-Skins support to change the look of Kodi

-Support for popular Internet content providers including YouTube, Hulu, SoundCloud etc

-Subtitle support for videos and music lyrics in various languages (including Korean)


What is Kodi Build?

A Kodi Build is a collection of add-ons and skins that have been pre-configured to work together. A user can install a build, which will give them an instant library of popular add-ons and a new look for Kodi. There are many builds available for download, including ones specifically designed for Korean users.

Kodi Add-ons:

There are many different types of Kodi add-ons, but some of the most popular include video streaming, music streaming, live TV streaming, and program add-on modules. Some of the most popular Kodi add-ons for Korean users include Naver VOD, YouTube Korea, MBC Drama Live, and KBS World TV.

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Why should I use a vpn?

You should use a VPN because it helps keep your internet connection safe and secure. The VPN encrypts your traffic so no one else can see what websites you visit or which apps you use. It also hides your IP address, making it harder for hackers to track down where in the world they are located at any given time (and thus harder for those same people to hack into their computers).

VPNs allow us all-access content that would normally be blocked from users outside of South Korea by using an American server instead of our local servers when we connect via Wi-Fi hotspots around town so we don’t have any problems with internet censorship!

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