Best Websites For Torrenting Still Working – 2022 Update

Best Websites For Torrenting Overview

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In this article, we will discuss the best websites for torrenting. Read on and share your thoughts.

There are a lot of great sites out there where you can find TV shows, movies, and other content. This article will show the 5 best ones that still exist but first let’s discuss what factors determine which site is good for downloading stuff from these sources.


Consideration When Choosing the best websites for Torrenting

Downloading Speed

Download Speed: How fast can you download? This is the key factor in choosing a movie site. You don’t want some sites that take forever, so it’s important to check this first!

I’m sure there are plenty of us out here who would love for our favourite shows or movies to come quickly on Netflix but they never do because these types of programs just aren’t designed with streaming capabilities yet- which means we’re stuck waiting hours at a time until an episode finishes downloading (and by then most people have seen what’ supposed be good enough).

Size of Content Library

When choosing a site, you’ll want to pick one that has more content than other websites. Prioritize whichever movies/anime/books and games from this library are most desired by yourself for it is easy on your internet connection speed when downloading them all at once–a smaller selection may not slow down download times as much but will require extra time spent searching through different sources instead of just hitting “download!”



You may have had some bad experiences with sites in the past. Ads pop up on your screen and claim you’ve won something without even taking part in one of them! They can also slow down downloads and spread viruses to devices that will harm them permanently if not taken care of quickly enough (or at all), so it’s best just to avoid those types altogether for good measure. So we have highlighted ad-rating in this article.



When engaging, remember that security is important. The best sites make it easy for you to protect your information and stay safe online by enabling encryption on all pages of the site so no one can steal personal data or passwords from their users!


Monthly Visitors

When it comes to evaluating sites, the number of monthly visitors is a good indicator. A larger number tends to indicate higher-quality content and more credibility for that site in our opinion!


Banned Regions

Over the past several years, governments around the world have waged war against sites. Some of these battles were won when your favorite site was ultimately taken down from access in regions such as North America and Europe; however, there is still hope for you if we reroute our connection through a VPN server located somewhere that prohibits anti-piracy efforts like DMCA takedowns or domain seizures!


Mirror sites

There are many ways to get around blocked websites. One way is by using mirror sites or proxies that host the same content as your original but offer it in case you can’t access one of these popular domains due to government censorship policies.

They’re usually not accessible either, which makes them less likely than with mirro’rs out there for people who need fast downloads without sacrificing their security.


Best websites for torrenting Movies Still Working


Kickass is one of the best websites for torrenting for downloading files. The library has plenty of content, and the community provides access to high-quality content like movies and TV shows which you won’t find anywhere else! It also allows users to verify their identity before they are granted full membership on this website to make sure nobody’s trying spammers or hackers who want nothing more than your data.

Kickass, being one of the best websites for torrenting Movies is a great site for downloading. However, with the ads and pop-ups, it can be difficult at times to get around easily on this website especially if you don’t have an ad blocker enabled in your browser (which we recommend). One downside of KAT is that they host copyrighted material which has led them to get banned in many countries such as Australia; Britain; the USA etc.

Another issue would be their new policy which makes users sign up before being able to access any content from their database anymore but there are always VPN providers who allow us to bypass these blocks!

The Kickass website is a one-stop shop for all of your downloading needs. You can find games, music, and apps in addition to anime books movies TV shows, or ones that are still living under the radar like Little League Baseball 2001 on Playstation 2 (PS2).

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The Pirate Bay

This is one of the best websites for torrenting not only because it has over 20 million monthly visitors but also for its wide variety of content. With categories like Audio, TV Shows, Software, and Movies you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste! The user interface of this website makes using it easy without any distractions or ads which will make browsing more enjoyable.

This goes the extra mile to ensure that its users can safely download. The website has been banned in many countries, so you may need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)to reroute your connection and access this awesome site from anywhere with an internet connection!



The RARBG site offers its users an impressive personalized experience with the use of the BitTot protocol. With over 300,000 verified seeders and a variety in categories such as Movies & TV Shows; Music; Books & Comics etc., this P2P file-sharing website has something for everyone!

One reason we love it so much here at Best EVER is that while most sites focus on one type or subject matter only (like The Pir’te Bay), they’ve got everything: high-quality movies/TV shows from all eras spanning many genres including anime) Cartoons and More!

The site has a library of content, including movies and other popular sites. The interface makes it easy to find what you want with an effective search engine that lets users browse through its vast database or enter keywords for specific results.

RARBG is a hybrid between the best public and private movie sites, as it lets users log in with either an email address or username. This means that if you’re looking for some good downloads without having to break any laws then this website might just fit your needs! There are other clones out there but they will only lead to scams so make sure RARBG is what you want.



Zooqle is the best site for downloading video games. Here, you can find hundreds of TV shows and movies to download with your favorite games on a console or PC! The interface isn’t one-size fits but it does have a search bar that helps users easily locate any file they are looking for quickly – even if those files were uploaded months ago by seeders who may no longer be active anymore.

Plus each content listing comes complete with information like resolution quality (HD/SD) as well as time since upload which will allow gamers everywhere more clarity when deciding what might suit them most.


With its rich library of high-quality HD movies with small file sizes, YIFY is one of the most popular sites in the world. The interface makes downloading easy and enjoyable for users on limited bandwidth connections too! You can also find classic films as well as rare treasures you won’t be able to get anywhere else because they’re not available through any other platform like Netflix or Hulu Plus (though there aren’t many options).

However their content offerings may change over time due to changes at various sources inside providers who provide them; this means that some mirro’rs might remove certain types of movie genres while others offer more than one language track per film – so make sure which ones are reliable before using them.


Conclusion on Best Websites For Torrenting

I hope reading through his article has provided you with a list of the best websites for torrenting. Share your thought about these Torrent Sites for Movies in the comment section.

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